Watch Soundgarden Member Open Up About ‘Terribly’ Missing Chris Cornell


Pearl Jam and Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron discussed missing Chris Cornell for the first time in a new video on Cornell’s social media.

“I’m Matt Cameron. My brother Chris Cornell vowed to keep the promise in helping refugee children in the most war torn areas of the world, currently. I miss my brother Chris terribly, and I vow to keep the promise in honor of him.”

Cameron and Kim Thayil did a brief interview at a charity event a couple of months ago, but largely talked about philanthropy and causes Cornell was passionate about.

Matt Cameron helps #KeepThePromise for #ChrisCornell

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Surviving Soundgarden members Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron did their first interview together since Chris Cornell’s death at a November 2017 Human Rights Watch event in Los Angeles with Rolling Stone. Ben Shepherd was not present. Chris Cornell was posthumously honored with The Promise award presented by System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian.

Cornell’s widow Vicky Cornell accepted with Thayil and Cameron by her side. These are Thayil’s first public comments about Cornell since his death. The pair discussed how Soundgarden may align themselves with charitable groups in the future. Alternative Nation transcribed some of their quotes.

Thayil said, “This is Matt Cameron.”

Cameron said, “And this is Kim Thayil.”

Thayil said, “Drummer for Soundgarden”

Cameron said, “Guitarist for Soundgarden.”

Cameron added, “We’re here to honor our brother Chris Cornell who is receiving an award tonight.”

Thayil discussed issues important to Cornell.

“Children’s rights, human rights in general, were all very important to Chris. We spent most of our rehearsals talking about various issues, especially the things affecting children and human rights.”

“I think Chris particularly emphasized in his solo work, many of his individual work, dealing with exploitation of the most vulnerable,” Thayil said. “Perhaps motivated by anything from outrage and concern from what we’d hear in the news to just general distaste for cruelty.”

Cameron added, “We’re certainly trying to make the world better with our art. So I think that’s one way that we can start the dialogue and process of trying to connect with issues that are always important to us.”

Thayil discussed Cornell and Soundgarden’s songwriting influences.

“There’s so many musical ideas and themes that he would cover lyrically or musically. I think that’s fundamentally what we approach, is various different musical ideas. It could be anything from mundane daily life, or relationships, to more profound and concerned. I think the kind of music that we write doesn’t always lend itself to obvious social and political issues. I think our tone in what we do is a broad spectrum, so the particular issues and concerns of Human Rights Watch may not be generally thematic of our work, but within the spectrum.”

“They have particular concerns and issues that they’re addressing, and our issues are primarily musical, but the themes that we address are a broad spectrum. We aren’t limited.”

Cameron and Thayil were asked about doing more work with organizations like Human Rights Watch.

Cameron said, “Yeah, we are certainly open to it.”

Thayil added, “There are a number of groups in the future we would like to work with, besides Human Rights Watch. Issues of liberty and justice, these should be important for everyone. I think basically they are important for everyone, when it affects them. but I think the generosity or concern for those other than yourself or in your immediate community, and being concerned for fairness justice and liberty for all people, is something that we would align ourselves with.” He mentioned the ACLU as a potential group.

Soundgarden also tweeted, “We were honored to be at the presentation of the ‘Promise’ award by @HRW to Vicky Cornell in recognition of Chris’ humanitarian work We’re proud the award’s name will be shared with that of his song & in honor of his commitment to universal justice, freedom & dignity. Kim Thayil”