Dave Mustaine Chooses Megadeth Bassist Replacement?


Dave Mustaine revealed that a new bassist has recorded bass parts for the new Megadeth album, though it’s unclear if it’ll be the permanent David Ellefson replacement.

He said on Cameo, “I hear you’re a big pretty fan of [the Megadeth song] ‘Fatal Illusion’ right now. That’s cool. Actually, we’ve got one song on the new album — it’s called ‘The Dogs Of Chernobyl’ — which is very similar to ‘Fatal Illusion’ in aggression. So I hope you like that song when you get the new record. It won’t be long. It’s a matter of finishing the parts when I get home [to Tennessee from vacationing in Florida] today and tomorrow. Our bass parts are all done. And it won’t be long.”

Ellefson compared his chemistry with drummer Dirk Verbeuren to Geddy Lee and Neil Peart on classic Rush albums in a 2020 radio interview. “I feel like on the new MEGADETH record, me and Dirk have those same moments,” he said. “It’s MEGADETH — it’s not RUSH, obviously — but in the field of what we do, there were these moments that I was just going, ‘Oh, my God.’ This is me as a kid going, ‘This is my Geddy/Neil moment right here.'”