The Black Crowes ‘Bad’ Reunion Ticket Sales Surface


Pearl Jam fans discussed poor ticket sales for The Black Crowes reunion tour in a new forum thread on the Ten Club board.

davidos posted, “Lack of news is frustrating to say the least… Seems like the guys are out and about having 4th of July fun with their celeb friends… Covid here in NY is being put in the past… Was in MA over the weekend… PACKED bars, restaurants, ferries, etc. No masks.

The feeling around the US is that COVID is over. Guess it’s up to the promoters now… follow the money. Probably won’t play until they can guarantee a sell out. Black Crowes are about to begin tour this month and are practically giving away tickets… Hartford is 1/2 empty, NY 3/4 empty.”

Fall By The Wayside said, “Those Crowes shows were a terrible idea before Covid even hit. They haven’t been an amphitheater level headliner for over 20 years. Pearl Jam won’t have trouble selling out anywhere and they know it.”

Weston1283 wrote, “Yeah the Crowes shows seemed destined to never do that well

Foo Fighters at MSG sold out in minutes. Pearl Jam would be seconds.”