Dave Mustaine Reveals Why Black Sabbath Will Reunite For Tour


Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine stated in a new Louder Sound joint interview with Anthrax’s Scott Ian that he believes Black Sabbath ‘haven’t quit’ and will reunite again.

Has a band like Black Sabbath calling it a day given you guys food for thought about how long your bands have left?

Scott: “No, because they’re different. They’re much older. That first record came out in 1970, so it’s different. It’s over a decade before British Steel came out, so that’s a whole other game. I’ve been listening to Sabbath my whole life, but I’m realistic in the fact that eventually people have to stop, and I like the way they did it. Rather than it stopping because of something tragic or whatever, they just said, ‘That’s it. We’re gonna out now, on top.’ What better way to do it?”

Dave: “They haven’t quit. The next tour is gonna be the ‘Are you fucking kidding me?’ tour. In a world where Gene Simmons is trying to patent the horns, I wouldn’t put anything past those 60s guys.”

What’s been the hardest time for you two as musicians?

Scott: “The three years before our first album came out. For years, the idea that someone is gonna write a cheque for you to go make your first album, and believe in this music that no one’s ever really heard before, and actually help get us going… that was the hardest time, because everything was completely unknown. I didn’t have a plan B. All I was gonna do was be in Anthrax.”

Dave: “And that’s how you make it: don’t have a plan B!”

Scott: “But that initial period was hard. I was living in my mom’s apartment in Queens, sitting on the couch with my mom yelling at me to try and get a real job!”

When did your parents start to take your job seriously?

Scott: “When we did Clash Of The Titans in ’91, and we played Madison Square Garden. Which, I think for a bunch of New York kids that grew up in the city going to concerts there, that’s Mecca for me. We were the band that closed that night, so we were able to say, ‘Hey! We’ve headlined Madison Square Garden!’ My mom was backstage, and I got to have her say, ‘This was where Elvis played!’”