Dave Mustaine Reveals How Metallica Disrespected Big 4, Wants Surprising Replacement


Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine discussed the Big 4 in a series of new tweets, and threw some shade at Metallica.

He said more shows with original Big 4 won’t happen.

“It won’t happen. @megadeth are ready but @slayer are on their last orbit and @metallica won’t do it. Big Two anyone? ?”

“Watch the Big4 DVD where Kirk says it’s the Big 1. That saddened a lot of people. I was one of them.”

He also suggested a new Big 4 due to Metallica’s lack of interest in more shows and Slayer’s impending retirement.

“Maybe you were sleeping when everyone else on the planet heard that @slayer is retiring, and @metallica doesn’t want to do it.”

“Megadeth, Anthrax, Exodus, Testament! The new Big 4. ?”

He later wrote, “Ask them. All kidding aside, all I know is when @slayer finally retires, the real Big 4 is over.”

James Hetfield discussed “Fade to Black” off 1984’s Ride the Lightning in a new So What interview when asked whether the tune’s lyrics are “deeper and richer” almost 35 years later (transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar):

“Absolutely. Songs like ‘Fade to Black’ or ‘The Unforgiven’ – those are songs that morph. They constantly morph for me.

“When ‘Fade to Black’ was originally written, this was real. Like, ‘I fucking hate life. Our gear just got stolen, we can’t live our dream, we’re not gonna make it to Europe,’ all these things.

“And then, obviously, when Cliff [Burton] or somebody important in our lives passes, that song pops up. Or like Chris Cornell, Dio… Someone’s passing gives that song new life for me.

“When I look at the crowd [while we’re playing ‘Fade to Black’]… I saw somebody just sobbing. This was a younger girl, had long dark hair, she was in tears.

“I was attached to the acoustic but I wanted to go over there and, I don’t know, mentally give her a hug or something. You know, just give her a wink or like, ‘It’s gonna be okay.'”