David Bowie Shocked Dave Grohl Before Death: ‘He Has To Be Kidding’


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl discussed his final interaction with David Bowie in a new radio interview. Grohl originally told the story last year, but he shared new details in this interview.

“In the last few years before he passed away, we had a funny email correspondence. He was just hilarious, there was a project, there was a movie that asked me to write the song for the movie. They wanted it to be like a solo thing of me just doing it by myself, and I’ve always felt a little weird about that solo thing, because I’ve got a band, why would I need to do that? I thought I’ve got this really great instrumental that I wrote, it’s really dark, driving, heavy, and beautiful.

I’d made a record with his producer Tony Visconti, so I called Tony and said, ‘Do you think David might want to sing on this?’ He said, ‘Yeah, he might, he’s open to working now. Maybe. Send it to me.’ So I send it to Tony, he said, ‘Okay, I sent it to David, he’s going to listen to it.’ A little bit of time went by, a month or something, I hadn’t heard back, so I didn’t want to intrude or be presumptuous or anything, so I emailed Tony and said, ‘Have you heard anything from David yet?’ I hadn’t even told the movie, so he said, ‘I’ll get back to him.’

Then I got an email from David, it said, ‘Hey man, I’ve listened to the song.’ He may have screened the movie or saw something, it was a big action movie. He said, ‘This type of movie is not really my kind of thing. I’m not really made for these times. I hope that we get a chance to work with each other someday.’ He said, ‘We’ve jammed together before ages ago [for his 50th birthday].’ He said, ‘Until then, let’s keep it open, maybe we’ll do something else together.’ I got the email and thought oh no. I wrote back and I said, ‘Oh well, maybe next time. I hope all is well, and take care.’ Within a minute I get an email back that says, ‘Well, that’s settled then, now fuck off.’ My wife was right next to me, and I was like, ‘Oh my god babe, David Bowie just told me to fuck off.’ She said, ‘He has to be kidding.'”