Review: Deftones Honor Prince In Brooklyn


Deftones live, Coney Island Amphitheater: Brooklyn, NY, August 5th 2016. Photo by Alternative Nation, article edited by Brett Buchanan.

After already releasing a stellar album this year in Gore, alt. metal legends Deftones are on a hot streak this summer, stopping by the Coney Island Amphitheater in Brooklyn, NY this past weekend. It was cool and breezy by the beach around the corner from where the famous Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest takes place, but the band put on a sizzling performance.

They kept the setlist balanced throughout their catalog, leaning slightly towards Around the Fur, White Pony and Gore, their great new album. The band seemed to have a little trouble on a couple of song intros but they rebounded. At one point, Chino asked drummer Abe Cummingham as he picked up a beer “Where’s Greenpoint”. After looking at the bottle questioningly, he joked “I better not say it’s bad, it may be local”, then he turned to the crowd; “drink up!” Not a difficult task for many in the audience with beers in hand.

When the encore began, Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter had to hold things down with the opening riff for “My Own Summer (Shove It)” while Chino changed his sweat-soaked black outfit to a white T-shirt. The riff did start to lose some power after almost 2 minutes, but when the band came in, there was an explosion of energy. They finished off with the way they started their career with the song “Bored”.

The light show for Deftones was stellar, with some of the new swinging/whipping lights in play. When they did a song for Prince, which they didn’t mention a title for, the purple lights filled the stage until the end when they gradually rose up to the heavens in honor of the late legend. “Purple Rain” also played on the PA after the show was over.

Overall, it was a tremendous show, Carpenter, Cunningham, Frank Delgado and Sergio Vega were great, and Chino Moreno’s voice doesn’t age.



Swerve City

Acid Hologram

Diamond Eyes

Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)

Around the Fur



Digital Bath

Rocket Skates


Prince song


Knife Prty






My Own Summer (Shove It)