Machine Gun Kelly Drinks Blood With A-List Actress


Megan Fox believes she created Machine Gun Kelly through the power of manifestation. In an interview with Glamour UK, Fox said that she genuinely thinks she made Machine Gun Kelly. She has been dreaming about her fiancé since she was four years old.

Fox told the magazine that Machine Gun Kelly is his exact physical type, and she has been dreaming about him since she was a kid. She added that she’s also four years older than him. Fox is 35, while Kelly is 32.

Fox also revealed that she and her fiancé partake in blood-drinking ceremonies together. Fox said that drinking blood is a passage but Machine Gun Kelly is more haphazard when it comes to it.

Fox said whenever she drinks blood, it’s for a reason. It’s done in a controlled setting where a few drops of blood are shared and consumed.

Meanwhile, Machine Gun Kelly is more haphazard, hectic, and chaotic according to her. Apparently, MGK is willing to cut his chest open with broken glass and drink from it.

The couple traveled to Costa Rica and drank the ancient drink ayahuasca, which is a psychoactive plant brew. It was given to them by a shaman. It is said to heal past traumas and better mental health conditions. The couple says that this drink has bound them together, and Megan has healed after consuming it.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly announced that they got engaged in Puerto Rico on January 12, 2022. MGK presented Fox with a $340,000 diamond and emerald ring.