Deftones Rejected By Big Name To Join Band


Deftones bassist Sergio Vega had started playing for the band in the year of 2009 when he replaced Chi Cheng after Cheng was involved in a car accident and eventual death. Speculations have floated around suggesting that Vega is no longer a member of Deftones. Vega himself went public and confirmed his exit. He has once again outlined why his relationship with the group turned bitter.

Sergio Vega opens up on Deftones

In a new interview with ‘Talk Toomey‘, Vega shed light on his original statement. As he puts it, his concerns were not financial in nature, but rather his desire to have an even playing field and something to fully belong to.

According to Vega, he was initially promised to eventually become a full-time member when he first joined the group back in 2009. Vega also revealed that the idea for him to join Deftones had seemingly been floated before the ultimately fatal 2008 car accident that his predecessor, Deftones bassist/vocalist Chi Cheng was involved in.

Speaking of the situation with ‘Talk Toomey‘ host Joshua Toomey in the below newly posted episode, Vega stated

“I had come into the band during a very traumatic time. And we also have a history from ’95. To reiterate that, we became acquainted in ’95. I had filled-in for Chi [Cheng, late Deftones bassist/vocalist] in ’99. Chi and I had become friends… He was playing Fender basses because he saw me kicking one across the stage with Quicksand.

We both shared an energy and catharsis that we brought to shows… And that created a bond. And when I filled-in for him in ’99—he had hurt his toe—bringing that energy and that excitement, having his back, having his band’s back.

And then at one point Chino [Moreno, Deftones vocalist/guitarist] comes to me and was like ‘Hey, if we asked you to join the band, what would you say?’ [I responded] ‘I would tell you that Chi is your boy. This is fun and exciting, Chi is your boy, roll with Chi and that’s gonna be great.’

…And in 2009 when the tragedy happened, the fact that we had hit it off when I filled-in before kind of informed the fact that ‘Hey, lets call him. He’s our friend, he’s there and we’re in need.”