Dennis Rodman Reveals Eddie Vedder’s Role In North Korea Peace Deal


Dennis Rodman was interviewed on CNN on Monday night, wearing a Make America Great Again hat as he celebrated the peace summit between his friends President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

At one point during the interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Rodman broke into tears remembering his first trip to North Korea and how he received “death threats” when he came back to the US. He said that President Barack Obama ignored attempts he made to pass along messages from Kim Jong Un, and said President Trump’s administration had called him to thank him.

”We have really put ourselves on the line to reach out to North Korea and they have been so gracious to me, my family and the United States. So let’s make this happen. If Trump can pull this off, more power to him,” Rodman said on CNN.

Towards the end of the CNN interview, Rodman thanked a barrage of people who supported his efforts to bring together the US and North Korea, including Eddie Vedder, lead singer of the rock band Pearl Jam. “I’m thanking Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam and everybody who supported me through all these things. I’m going to thank my kids. They’re still with me after all these years.” He added that he was also thankful for the “guys at PotCoin that supported me through this whole venture.”

In the midst of denuclearization talks, criticisms of North Korea’s treatment of its civilians, and a possible war between the two countries, Rodman has emerged a central talking point of the Trump-Kim summit. Just one hour after the summit began, “Dennis Rodman” was the top trending topic on Twitter; “#TrumpKimSummit” followed in a close second.