Did Mark Hoppus Really Quit Blink-182?


Blink-182 remains to be one of the most iconic pop-punk bands of all time. They have helped shape up the face of punk rock music during the 90s. They produced some of the most beloved songs of the 90s and also influenced countless bands who’ve made it big since then. Meanwhile, it has been noted that Mark Hoppus was recently questioned if he left blink-182 back in 1993 Flyswatter which was the first ever release by the band.

He wrote: “Anyway, to answer the question, I don’t remember leaving blink ever. I was given an ultimatum I chose blink. Tom was out of blink and playing with Tiltwheel for a bit. Scott’s family moved away and we had a replacement drummer for a bit. But this was all early early days before we’d done anything as a band.”

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We recently reported that Tom DeLonge reacted to Matt Skiba’s Blink-182 songs.
It was also noted that Blink-182 recently made a surprise appearance at Coachella earlier this month and the band’s classic lineup of Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Travis Barker officially kicked off their first tour together in nearly a decade. Taking the stage at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota on Thursday night, the pop-punk trio ran through a 25-song setlist.

Notably, the show Blink-182 perform “Cynical” and “Bored to Death,” two songs recorded and released by the band with Matt Skiba following DeLonge’s departure in 2015. Additionally, Blink dusted off “Adam’s Song” for the first time with DeLonge since 2009.

Blink-182’s North American reunion runs through July, with Turnstile providing support. You can find tickets to all of their upcoming shows here. Afterwards, they’ll head to the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and South America.

Blink-182 are expected to release a new album sometime in the near future. Barker recently told fans that the band would have the album finished before leaving for their tour.