Dolly Parton Drops Kid Rock Bombshell After Scandal


Popular singer Dolly Parton recently talked about collaborating with Kid Rock. During a recent interview with Mojo, the country star reacted to the collaboration with the musician in her new upcoming album after the backlash he received for his controversial comments.

It has been noted that in recent years, Kid Rock has shared various controversial opinions that have garnered negative attention from both fans and fellow musicians. However, the country singer stated that it was no problem for her.

When Parton was asked if the political spectrum was important to her, she said the following:

“No, I never even thought of that. I had already recorded the song with Kid before that whole thing happened. I don’t know if I would have had him on the record had that happened before. Chances are I would have, because he did a great job.”

Although she doesn’t have a problem with working with him, she acknowledged that she would receive hate and judgment for working with him. She continued:

“I’m going to always have somebody telling me, even in my own family, I should or should not have done this or that: ‘What are you doing hanging around with that little gay thing? That little gay guy?’ I say, ‘You know what? I love people. I don’t care. It ain’t my place to judge anybody. And it’s nobody else’s place to do it, either. If they do, they need to be a hell of a lot more spiritual than they are before they start throwing rocks with that glass house.’”

Kid Rock’s homophobic and transphobic comments have drawn him towards controversy. Rock has shared many similar comments during his career, ultimately receiving backlash for them.

In her upcoming album, Parton collaborated with LGBTQ+ allies and queer artists such as Miley Cyrus, Elton John, Paul McCartney, and more. Although she seems to be okay with working with him despite his recent homophobic comments, some of the fans were disappointed to find out about the collaboration. The singer’s album ‘Rockstar’ is set to be released on November 17.