Duff McKagan Hints At Guns N’ Roses Recording Sessions?


Following Guns N’ Roses’ recent April 2016 tour date, bassist Duff McKagan tweeted the photo below with the caption ‘LAMF’ earlier this week. McKagan and Slash were rumored to have worked on new Guns N’ Roses tracks a few months ago, including the long in the works “Atlas Shrugged.” Do you think Duff is working on new GNR material, or perhaps on another project like Levee Walkers? Let us know in the comments section.


Ex-Guns N’ Roses manager Vicky Hamilton discussed attending a recent Guns N’ Roses concert in Las Vegas in a new interview with Billboard. She described the show as ‘awesome,’ but said two important pieces were missing. “Obviously I wish that Steven [Adler] and Izzy [Stradlin] [were there]. To me it’s not quite a reunion without all of the five magical pieces. But I loved seeing it. They looked great.”

“I think they’re better musicians than they ever were. They’re older and really can’t make those moves anymore, and Axl was sitting and all that. I missed some of the rawness and the spontaneity they had back in the day, but it was great to see.”

Hamilton isn’t weighing in on the genuineness of the GNR reunion; “I’m sure the money is genuine,”