Courtney Love Reveals Why She Left Billy Corgan For Kurt Cobain


Courtney Love discussed why she left Billy Corgan for Kurt Cobain in an extended interview on the Montage of Heck DVD.

“I coveted his success that was so fast. Not initially, I was really really really really really excited for them. When we were still platonic, I was on the ferry, Billy Corgan would not pay for my flight back from Roskilde, and Nirvana had played with the Pumpkins at that show, so I was on the ferry with the Nirvana guys.

I had a crush on Kurt, he was gorgeous, I mean he was beautiful, and enigmatic, and evasive. This was after Reading, but I still was dating and sleeping with Billy Corgan, but he kind of lost me at this moment, this wasn’t the moment that he specifically lost me, that would be about 6 to 8 months later, but he kind of lost me at this moment.”