Duff McKagan Rumored To Be Helping Slash With Guns N’ Roses Money Due To Divorce


Comedian Jim Florentine, the former co-host of VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show, recently discussed Guns N’ Roses’ reunion on the Bill Burr Podcast.

“Supposedly the rumor with Guns N’ Roses, they got back together, Slash is going through a divorce, I don’t even know if it’s final yet. He had no prenup, married for 20 years in LA with two kids, he was going to lose more than 50% of his money. Supposedly the cut is Axl gets 50, Slash gets 25, and Duff gets 25, and Axl will pay his other guys in the band, he’s still got Richard Fortus, his drummer, Dizzy Reed on keyboard, that comes out of Axl’s money.

Supposedly, what I heard is Duff is giving some of his money to Slash, because Duff has made so many good investments and has so much money, that he’s like dude, you’re going to need it. Because he’s trying to pay this divorce off, the money he has to pay. Duff is actually giving Slash some of the money, and that’s one of the main reasons they got back together. Axl never liked Slash’s wife, so as soon as they got married 20 years ago or whatever, everything fell apart. As soon as they broke up, they started talking again, and got the band back together. But supposedly Duff is giving a cut to Slash to help him out.”