Ed Kowalczyk Permanently Firing All Of Live?


Former Live guitarist Chad Taylor has indicated that Ed Kowalczyk will ‘perform as Live’ for the forseeable future, indicating that Patrick Dahlheimer and Chad Gracey’s absence from current Live shows could become more permanent.

Taylor wrote a blog about how sexual misconduct allegations against Live business partner William T. Hynes divided the band.

He said, “Unfortunately, despite volumes of damming evidence, some of my band remained loyal to Hynes, boldly requesting Hynes be granted a legal liability waiver and even defending his innocence.

Of course, these details added complexity and began to impact the reunited musical quartet. While I respect freedom of choice, I was puzzled by the desire to stay close to or defend someone so adverse to women’s safety. A position on the wrong side of law enforcement. This culminated in a random but aggressive social media post where I was fired and accused of “stopping the music.” Regardless of founding the band, writing many of our hit songs, and recording/producing more albums than any band member, I quickly realized these were not my people or they too had been manipulated. Protecting and defending a predator was not acceptable behavior.

As a result, Ed Kowalczyk is touring as LIVE for the foreseeable future with a mutually agreeable arrangement in place. But, of course, the debate about what constitutes LIVE, I’m sure, will rage on.”