Tool Member ‘Finished’ In 2022: ‘Two More Years’


Tool singer Maynard James Keenan has announced that he will be finished making Caduceus gourmet coffee within two years, and it will be ready for release by 2022. A Tool member ‘struggling’ at a recent show was just revealed.

Caduceus Cellars first tweeted, “Mornings are better here. #jeromeaz #caduceuscellars #puscifer.” Mark Whitlock responded, “If Maynard really wants to take over the world, he’ll start selling Caduceus gourmet coffee.”

Maynard James Keenan shot back, “Two years. Heard it here first. Mark it.” He added, “As in Roasting. Not just bagging.”

Nick Youssef recently posted on social media, “Last night was easily the most memorable experience of my standup career. I had 3 dreams as an 18yr old open mic punk in Los Angeles: getting passed at @thecomedystore ✔️✔️ getting an @hbo special (✔️ still in progress) and having the greatest band of all time come to see me do standup. Last night @adamjones_tv came to see our Comedians Following Tool On Tour The Tour show in Austin, TX.

Along the way he and the band have been so overwhelmingly supportive of what we are doing. @toolmusic has not only exceeded any expectations I’ve ever had about making incredible music and inspired me to push myself and do what I truly love, but also what it can be like to meet your heroes; humble, generous and supportive just barely begin to cover it. And we’re only halfway through the tour!! #tool #toolband #toolmusic.”