Eddie Van Halen Attacks Michael Anthony In Sad Emails


Eddie Van Halen trashed Michael Anthony in newly leaked May 2015 emails to a fan named Blair.

The fan asked how Michael Anthony was doing, and Eddie responded: “Not nearly as good as Wolfgang Van Halen, nor will he ever!! Who the f**k is this, you would know that if you had a brain and ears!!” The fan suggested he bring back Anthony to help with David Lee Roth’s weak voice heading into the summer 2015 tour.

Eddie said he “can’t control Roth’s voice” and said Anthony rejoining to cover for Roth’s failing voice was a bad idea. “And now you think Mike is a ‘lead singer,’ ” reads an email. “He sounds like Mickey Mouse. He just has a high voice.”

“This is the last thing I’m going to say,” reads the email. “When [Sammy] Hagar quit [in 2004], Mike went with him instead of staying with Alex and me. That was as much of a betrayal as Roth blindsiding us when he quit. We didn’t see either one coming!! All we had was ourselves, Alex and myself.

Wolf happened to be there and [it was] fun again. Life is change. I can’t control it any more than you can. If I could, I would change a lot of things starting with never having my first drink and maybe sticking to piano instead of guitar!!”