Eddie Van Halen Emotional Text To Sammy Hagar Leaks


Van Halen icon, Sammy Hagar was interviewed on a new edition of Lance Armstrong’s show, The Forward Podcast. Here, the former Van Halen frontman shares a story the last correspondences he had with Van Halen co-founders, Eddie Van Halen and Alex Van Halen. Alternative Nation transcribed Hagar and Armstrong’s comments.

Armstrong: When they called you on Father’s Day [1996], that literally the last conversation you had with Eddie Van Halen?

Hagar: No, we had the reunion later.

Armstrong: Oh, that’s right, sorry, sorry.

Hagar: 2004.

Armstrong: Since then?

Hagar: Never, not one conversation. I wished him a happy birthday about two years ago on his Instagram. I think his wife does his Instagram and it got back and it said:

“Oh hey, hope you’re doing well, and you know, thank you.”

Hagar: Or something like that, that’s good. However, I’ll say this again and it’ll be one of those things that gets all over the place but I reached out to Al [Alex Van Halen], I think I bought a house in Dana Point down in Southern California. you know, where the reunion happened, I was staying in Laguna Beach in a hotel and Alex called me and said:

“Hey man, what are you doing?” 

Hagar: I said:

“Hey man, I’m in Laguna Beach, come on down.”

Hagar: He came down, we spent the whole day together, the reunion happened. So I said:

“I just bought a house right close to where I saw you last time.

Hagar: Al, sent him an e-mail, text and a voicemail and said:

“I wanna invite you, your wife and Eddie [Van Halen] to come on down. I’ll cook lunch for ya, take a walk on the beach. No agenda, I don’t want to put the band back together, it’s not what I’m thinking. I just want to catch up with old times and be friends again”

Hagar: I didn’t get a response and I thought that was lame.