Eddie Van Halen Disrespected At American Music Awards


Eddie Van Halen was brutally disrespected at Sunday night’s American Music Awards, with no tribute segment for the greatest guitarist of all time. SiriusXM radio host Eddie Trunk ripped the AMA’s for their horrible decision. In other Van Halen news, David Lee Roth canceling a new Van Halen album release was just revealed.

“Hey @AMAs .. your best ‘Rock/Pop’ category had a bit of an issue: it didn’t actually nominate ONE THING REMOTELY CLOSE TO ANYTHING ROCK! Guess it’s way more exciting celebrating true talents like pop acts BLATANTLY lip syncing? Pathetic! #AmericanMusicAwards.”

“So you may ask yourself why I even subjected myself to American POP Awards? Answer: To see how a show called #AmericanMusicAwards was going to pay tribute to an American music ICON
@eddievanhalen? Know what they did? NOTHING! Fuck you #AMAs ! DISGRACE!”

“#AmericanMusicAwards actually managed to come up w/names of different genres of music for multiple categories, while actually nominating the same exact music in every one. Please STOP pretending this show celebrates music when it really honors lip sync pop!”

“And I don’t give a shit #AmericanMusicAwards didn’t do In Memoriam segment. U call yourself American Music Awards & you don’t acknowledge an American music ICON?! I guess footage of a real talent that actually played live&wrote his own songs would be jarring?”

Trunk also reacted to Justin Bieber winning Best Male Rock/Pop artist, defeating Post Malone and The Weeknd.

“This is who #AMAs nominated in rock categories & who they gave the awards to. Is this a joke?! Maybe the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen. Please stop offending rock fans ! At least call your show what it is! I’ll stop now.. #americanmusicawards @AMAs.”