Eddie Van Halen Family Leaks Sad ‘Collapsing’ Photo


Eddie Van Halen and his lovely wife Janie are the proud parents of their dog Kody Van Halen, and Janie has revealed in a new photo that Kody is sadly suffering from a collapsing trachea.

“Good morning from this little boy #kodyvanhalen #puffypomeranian #DogsofTwittter.”

A fan named Laurie responded, “My Pom is 10 and he looks way older but he has Cushing’s and collapsed trachea. He’s still kicking though. Don’t know what I will do without him.”

Janie responded, “Kody has collapsing trachea too, as did my last Pom Kano. I think it is something in this breed of dog.”

Ian Sane posted on VHLinks.com about David Lee Roth revealing horrible Eddie Van Halen health news, “Firstly, I truly hope Ed is doing well and has his health.
I couldn’t care less if Van Halen ever tours again or not, however it would be great if they started opening the vaults.

If Ed is unwell and unlikely to fully recover, while he has some health, surely it would be great for him to bask in the satisfaction and excitement of his fans experiencing something fresh.

By fresh, I mean releasing cleaned up demos or early live material, perhaps even some completed unreleased songs. I really find the lack of archival product quite odd. Hell, even a Best of the Videos Part II DVD…”

Darkness posted on VH Links recently about David Lee Roth’s future with his new Las Vegas residency, “IDK, I’m weirdly interested in DLR’s career. He is actually the only VH alumni that seems to have the potential to do anything interesting at some point in the future, those being releasing the John 5 album, an EEAS reunion, and maybe some sort of performance with Mike.

Maybe the majority of those things aren’t likely, but there’s really nothing else to look forward to. I always preferred Sammy but without a strong writing partner like Eddie/Satch his songwriting is bland, and he is unable/unwilling to go back to those collaborations. I don’t care about Wolfgang’s music and don’t care for Gary’s songwriting. Eddie seems retired or worse. Dave seems to be the last one with any potential aces up his sleeve.” David Lee Roth hiring a David Lee Roth replacement was just revealed.