Eddie Van Halen Finally Confirms ‘Sickness’ In New Photo


Eddie Van Halen has posted a new photo of himself after his wife Janie was diagnosed with a cold. Eddie Van Halen’s bandmate leaked a ‘passing out’ photo.

Eddie posted on his dog Kody Van Halen’s Facebook page, “Daddy and I make sure we take our vitamins everyday to remain healthy and cold free. #vitaminc #zinc #collodialsilver #mommysgotacoldrightnow.”

James commented, “Seasons greetings Ed, Kody and mom!!! Hope you all are well, and thank you for the inspiration and music over the years. VH has been my favorite band for almost 40 yrs…. hopefully someday soon i will finally get to see ya’all live!!!! ROCK ON!!!!”

Brian chimed in, “Just git a pair of the new EVH 5150 hight tops for Christmas. They are just to cool. Definetely to cool for me. Lol. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year Eddie and family!!!”

Adam said, “The hat is a clue!! He’s hanging out and writing new music with Brian Johnson!! Lol for real though, stay healthy wealthy and wise. Even though you might night be touring or making new music for us all to hear, we don’t want you going anywhere anytime soon!! Enjoy the life God gave you!”

Jamie wrote, “One more tour with Dave please. My son is 13 and never had the opportunity to see you guys. Take care Ed.”

Brad responded, “Funny! Kody Van Halen like that hat! Take care and maybe see ya in the new year? Have a blessed day y’all! -From Nashville.”

Susan told Eddie, “Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. 2 handsome guys. Chica sends her love to Kody. Feel better Janie Liszewski’ Van Halen.” Eddie Van Halen’s wife just reacted to new Van Halen singer rumors.