Eddie Van Halen Wife Reveals New Lead Singer Photo


Eddie Van Halen‘s wife Janie has responded for the first time to rumors that David Lee Roth is gone from Van Halen, after he declared the band ‘finished’ a few months ago, and rumors sufaced that he is no longer under contract.

Edward Lewis sent a photo of Louie Martinez and asked, “VAN HALEN NEW LEAD SINGER????” Janie responded with a crying laughing emoji, and said, “Hysterical.”

Eddie Van Halen’s wife discussed ‘the end’ last week. Van Halen fans discussed potential David Lee Roth replacements on VHLinks.com, and his first replacement Sammy Hagar. Samoa Joe’s Ego posted, “Myles is one of the best rock voices in history. He would sound good with almost anyone.

One thing I wish Van Halen had done instead of Cherone, or even after, is to do the Santana thing and have an album with 3 or so instrumentals, and 7 or 8 songs with 4-8 different singers. 2 a piece or 8 different singers.”

Sammy Hagar told Forbes, “I was asked at one time to be in Mötley Crüe. I was asked at one time to be in Pantera by their managers. I was asked to be in Velvet Revolver when Scott Weiland quit and went back to the Stone Temple Pilots. I was waiting to be asked to be in Led Zeppelin to say no, since they were the greatest band on earth and no could replace Robert Plant. I was asked to be in Aerosmith and I said no.”

Pacfanweb said on VHLinks.com, “I don’t know one way or another, but Nikki Sixx certainly commented on Sam’s book and didn’t say a thing about that part. I’d say it’s certainly possible.” Eddie Van Halen’s wife reacted to a sad attack on her marriage a few days ago.