Eddie Van Halen Last Meal Request Revealed


It still just does not seem real at all that Eddie Van Halen is no longer with us. In fact, not only do Eddie’s bandmates and his close loved ones feel this, but fans from around the world also feel the same way. It’s truly a shame that such a talent is no longer blessing this earth with their gifts and talents. Thankfully, through sounds and recordings, Eddie will forever live on in the ears and hearts of so many that will continue to carry on and speak about his long list of a legacy that he has left here.

With the passing of Eddie Van Halen, there comes many questions that have surrounded his death since he passed away. Of course, the normal questions of how did it happen and why did it happen are abundant. Some fans asked for something more and wanted to know much more about the star. Just what was Eddie’s last meal? What meal could be fit for such a king in his final moments here on this earth? We now have answers to that very intriguing question.

Eddie’s ex-wife Valerie Bertinelli described this in her new book which covered his last meal

In September 2020, Eddie was in the hospital for what was said to be a “minor stroke”. After the stroke, he tried to speak but they could not understand him. Eddie’s speech was so affected that it was hard to understand him. At one point, Eddie leaned closer and took the oxygen mask off and asked “What do you want?” and Ed answered clearly “pizza please”. 

Everyone around him laughed as they knew that pizza was one of Eddie’s favorite foods and it’s nice to know that he went out on a high note just like he would have wanted it to be.