Eddie Van Halen Made Bold Remark About AC/DC


In the realm of rock ‘n’ roll lore, stories of intergenerational musical connections are as legendary as the riffs themselves. Wolfgang Van Halen, the prodigious offspring of the iconic Eddie Van Halen, recently offered a glimpse into his early musical journey and the AC/DC ultimatum that forever linked him to his father’s legacy. The recounting of this tale not only paints a vivid picture of a young musician’s upbringing but also serves as a testament to the enduring power of AC/DC’s anthemic tunes.

In a candid conversation with Planet Rock, Wolfgang Van Halen opened up about a defining moment that took place within the Van Halen household. Reminiscing about the formative years when he was just learning how to wield the drumsticks, Wolfgang unveiled a heartwarming memory: “AC/DC started [for me] with me and my dad, that’s actually where I learned how to play drums. He had a couple of magazines on a table, and with one he had my right hand as if it was a hi-hat, another, my left hand as if it was a snare drum. He’s like, ‘If you use your foot and do the kick in between, if you do that then you’re playing ‘Highway to Hell’ by AC/DC.'”

As reported by Rock Celebrities – The image of the legendary Eddie Van Halen guiding his son through the rhythmic nuances of “Highway to Hell” is nothing short of magical. As Wolfgang’s drumming skills began to synchronize with AC/DC’s driving beat, a rock ‘n’ roll torch was passed between generations.

Wolfgang didn’t stop at recounting his father’s instructional tactics. He went on to reveal the triumphant moment when his fledgling skills culminated in a musical achievement that even Eddie couldn’t help but celebrate: “When he saw that I could do that, he was like, ‘Yes.’ He got me a drum kit for my birthday. So AC/DC has always been very close to my heart. It was one of the bands with my father that we enjoyed most.”

The resonance of this anecdote extends beyond mere nostalgia. AC/DC’s influence permeated young Wolfgang’s musical identity and provided a foundation for his future endeavors. But the AC/DC connection wasn’t limited to just a drumming lesson; it wove itself into the fabric of their father-son bond.

Furthermore, in an interview with Classic Rock, Wolfgang Van Halen delved deeper into the profound impact AC/DC had on his musical tastes. Acknowledging his father’s appreciation for the Australian rock juggernaut, Wolfgang highlighted the album that stood out among the rest: “The band that I was probably first obsessed with was AC/DC. My father introduced me to them with ‘Powerage,’ and I was thinking of picking that one because it was his favorite album. But a little bit more than that, ‘Highway To Hell’ is probably my favorite album of theirs.”

Through this shared love for “Highway to Hell”, Wolfgang and Eddie Van Halen’s spirits remain forever intertwined, demonstrating the unbreakable bond that rock ‘n’ roll can foster across generations. As the rhythmic legacy of AC/DC lives on within the Van Halen lineage, it underscores the universal language of music that defies time and circumstance.