Pink Floyd First 2022 Reunion Performance Video Leaks


It was recently reported that world-renown progressive rock outfit, Pink Floyd were releasing their first single in nearly thirty years. This would end up to be a Ukrainian protest song entitled “Hey Hey Rise Up”. The track itself features David Gilmour and Nick Mason alongside long-time Floyd bassist Guy Pratt and Nitin Sawhney on keyboards and according to the band is supposed to be a call ‘for peace’ and a ‘moral booster’ for the Ukrainian people during wartime.

On social media via Instagram, Nick Mason and David Gilmour can be seen rehearsing the song. However, commenters haven’t been one hundred percent positive as one Instagram user responded: “Pink Floyd is my favorite band of all times, but I disagree that they use the name of Pink Floyd to sing this song. First of all, another person is singing and there are only two members of the band.

In other news concerning Pink Floyd, legendary drummer and one of the group’s founding members, Nick Mason proclaimed during an appearance on BBC Radio 2 back in 2020 what his favorite track by the equally iconic rock group The Who was. Mason would state the following and credit to Farout Magazine for the below.

“‘My Generation’, The Who were, again, a huge influence I think in me in particular. I mean, once you’ve met Keith Moon you sort of lived and I didn’t know him that well. But we spent some time together. We did some shows where we were supporting The Who. We did some radio show afterward, and Keith on the radio was an extraordinary event in itself. It was like having the circus, but just in one man.” He later interjected about Moon, “while he was around, it was just brilliant.”