Eddie Van Halen Revealed Truth To Hair Metal Guitarist


Trixter guitarist Steve Brown recently talked about the legendary Eddie Van Halen.

Steve Brown reveals a conversation with Eddie Van Halen

Eddie had passed away in October 2020 at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California. The iconic Van Halen axeman passed away from complications due to cancer, his son confirmed. Brown spoke to Tulsa Music Stream about his nearly 30-year friendship with Eddie Van Halen. He recalled the time he met Eddie backstage during a concert.

He said: “It’s mindblowing to think, first off, that he’s not here anymore. That’s the hardest thing for me and I think for so many of us. The guy was our superhero. He was my friend, but, man, I always caught a moment where I’d go, ‘Shit, that’s Eddie Van Halen.’ I remember me and P.J. [Farley, Trixter bassist] being backstage at a [Van Halen] gig one time, and it was one of the first times I brought P.J. to really hang. And it was just me and P.J. in the dressing room with Eddie Van Halen. And he was warming up. And I think Ed went to the bathroom, and I just looked at P.J. and I go, ‘Are you f****ng kidding me?’

He then lavished praise on Eddied and recalled how Eddie included him as part of the family.

“Ed was just the coolest, nicest, sweetest guy — to me and to my family, my friends, everybody. And the greatest compliment I always got from him was he [would tell me], ‘Steve, you’re part of the family. Me and my brother, we love you, man.’ That was always the coolest thing, where he would say, ‘Man, you’re part of the family.’ And he always knew that he could always call me at any time to shoot the s**t.