Pearl Jam Member Reveals Sad Time With Chris Cornell


Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard remembered Chris Cornell in a new Riff TV interview, via Louder.

“The more you listen to Chris and the more you dig in to what he did when he was here, I’m just more and more impressed by him and in awe of his natural talent. We made that ‘Temple of the Dog’ record and we rehearsed like four times.

“He showed us the songs, we kind of knew how to play them. Him and Matt Cameron — Matt Cameron was just unbelievable — they just showed us how to make a record in five days. I listen to that record and I don’t even remember playing half of it, and it’s probably one of the best records I’ve ever been involved with.”

He said Chris abandoned his familiar sound at the time to honor Wood.

“He was so generous to give us the opportunity to make a record after we had lost our singer in ‘Mother Love Bone’ to a heroin overdose. It was a horrible time.

“He loved Andy. He lived with Andy and spent a lot of time with him. He was just like, ‘Let’s make a record together.’ He wrote these beautiful, sensitive songs at a time when all of it was heavy. He was like, ‘I can do a ballad, I can do a love song, I can do this stuff that’s outside the genre’. At the time, it was very different.

“He’s the great…he’s the G.O.A.T maybe.”