Eddie Van Halen Sad Goodbye To David Lee Roth Leaks


One of the saddest days in music was the loss of Eddie Van Halen. Before much information was out about the declining health and real life threatening situation that Eddie Van Halen was in – David Lee Roth knew much of it and he let what he knew slip out.

David Lee Roth would publicly allude to Ed’s health situation that would end up taking the life of the famed musician. David Lee Roth would do an interview to support an upcoming Las Vegas residency in September 2019. In it, Roth says, “I’m the face of Van Halen from this point on, most likely. I’m not sure what’s happening with Ed, but he’s probably not gonna answer the bell this time.”

The next month Roth ups the ante and tells another interviewer Van Halen is, for all intents and purposes, finished. Eddie Van Halen would not let the true secret out as he stood strong by his conviction as he would then state to the masses: “Van Halen is NEVER finish[ed]!! He is and was finished A LONG TIME AGO!!”

Perhaps the biggest reveal is that Ed is at least considering a tour featuring Roth, Anthony, and — wait for it — Hagar.

He states: “Maybe we can catch it in time, before both wack jobs lose it completely and get the whole shebang up there. Wolf opens, Roth and Hagar swap every other song, and we squeeze Mike in somewhere!! I just don’t think Al’s gonna go for it!! But you never know — stranger things have happened!!”

Without Eddie Van Halen around, it’s hard to see Van Halen having a true reunion, but there have surely been talks of one for some time now. We and all of the fans have been awaiting the word for what’s to come next for the band if they do move forward at all.