Eddie Vedder Announces Queens of the Stone Age Death


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder had the tough duty of sharing news with fans about the death of Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age icon Mark Lanegan at his concert. He discussed the death of Mark Lanegan at his show in Seattle last night. “I got here at 4 o clock and all of a sudden my body starting shaking and I started feeling really terrible. I had an allergic reaction to sadness…We lost Mark Lanegan.” You can see a video taken during Vedder’s tribute below the setlist by scrolling down.

Below is the full setlist via John and Sea on the Ten Club boards.

Eddie Vedder & The Earthlings
Benaroya Hall
Seattle, WA
February 22, 2022
Show 2
Set list

Band Onstage: 9:15
Band Offstage: 11:19
Walk on music: On My Way-(from the album Earthling)

Eddie Vedder: Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Chris Chaney: Bass
Glen Hansard: Guitars, Keys, bg vocals
Josh Klinghoffer: Guitars, Keys, bg vocals
Chad Smith: Drums
Andrew Watt: Guitars, bg vocals

Opening: Glen Hansard
Olivia Vedder sings Falling Slowly with Glen.

The Earthlings

01. Drive-(Buck, Berry, Mills, Stipe)
02. Here Comes The Sun-(Harrison)
{Ed speaks passionately about the passing of Mark Lanegan}
03. Tender Mercies-(Vedder, Hansen)-(from the film sound track Flag Day) {Ed and Glen Duet}
04. In The Dark-(from the album Earthling)
05. Invincible-(from the album Earthling)
06. Long Way-(from the album Earthling) w/ Harper Vedder bg vocals
07. The Haves–(from the album Earthling)
08. Brother The Cloud-(from the album Earthling)
09. Fallout Today-(from the album Earthling)
{“This is for my friend, just a little of it”)
10. In My Tree-(Ed plays about 1:30 of In My Tree. Starts off by himself on electric guitar. Chad and others slowly come in but it never becomes a full blown version of the song)
11. Wishlist
12. My Father’s Daughter (Vedder, Hansard)-(from the film sound track Flag Day) Olivia Vedder lead vocal
13. Try-(from the album Earthling) Olivia counts the song in.
14. Chad-O
(Rose is timed to start at 22:22 on 02/22/22 measured by 24 hour clock)
15. Rose Of Jericho-(from the album Earthling)
16. I Got ID/Cinnamon Girl-(Young) Cinnamon Girl is the chorus only. (Lasts 38 seconds)
17. Lukin
{Ed talks about doing good works and the homeless problem and not giving up}
18. Give Blood-(Townshend)
19. Porch

Encore Break

20. Better Man/People Have The Power-(Smith, Smith) (People/Power tag 1:38)
21. Isn’t It A Pity-(Harrison)
22. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young) w/ Olivia and Harper Vedder (At one point in the song Chad plays guitar and Josh K plays drums)