The Rolling Stones ‘Firing’ Mick Jagger Bombshell Leaks


Some The Rolling Stones fans are very upset about Mick Jagger being accused of sleeping with an actress when she was only 15 years old, leading to one fan wondering if he should be ‘canceled’ and fired by The Rolling Stones, while another is asking if he should be censored from the episodes of The Simpsons he appeared in, much like the late Michael Jackson.

RD Smith tweeted, “I’m curious @AlJean. Mick Jagger has been accused of having sex with a 15-year old back in the day. That’s statutory rape. Will the @TheSimpsons be pulling the 3 episodes he’s in? If you did it with Michael Jackson over now-debunked accusations, then surely it applies here too?”

Paul Rizzo said, “So Mick Jagger allegedly sleeps with a 15 year old, hey? Among the countless others. So are we cancelling him? Are we muting him? Will we remove all his accomplishments from history No? Oh that’s right, because his name isn’t spelled M-i-c-h-a-e-l J-a-c-k-s-o-n. And he’s white. F**k off.”

MickSchix defend Jagger on, “Of all the things/names Mick has been called, SEXUAL PREDATOR has never been one of those things before today! Really? I thought a predator was one who took unfair advantage of someone who was an UNWILLING VICTIM. RDC was neither UNWILLING or a VICTIM. What the HELL is wrong with all of you ‘holier than thou’ posers? GEEZ, since when did all of you who chose to condemn become SAINTS? I’m guessing RDC was MORE than a little willing according to her account. Does it make it proper? NOPE! But give it a REST, 2 consenting people had a fun time…this is SO FAR from criminal behavior, it’s ridiculous!”

DCBA said, “This thread shows why in final analysis we should only focus on the musical side of our beloved Stones. What they do on their spare time is none of our business.

But… I can’t help being slightly scared by the self-proclamed ‘righteous’ people who claim to enforce a “morality police”. In the US, today, some people claim Paul Gauguin’s paintings should never be exhibited again because it slept with underage girls while he was in Tahiti. This is in 2020.

I’m afraid that 20 or 30 years from now the same ‘morality police’ will try to ban the Stones music on the basis that on the GYYO album Jagger sang about ’13 yo’ girls.” Mick Jagger’s ‘weight loss’ was revealed in a new beach photo.