Eddie Vedder Breaks Down At Pearl Jam Show


Pearl Jam continued their European tour at Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark on Tuesday, where frontman Eddie Vedder spoke about a tragic incident that took place during the band’s set at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark on June 30, 2000. This event would leave nine people dead and dozens were injured in a stampede while Pearl Jam performed at the Danish festival. This would then happen in a similar manner in modern culture with Travis Scott via the Astroworld festival.

Eddie Vedder would open up as he discussed the Roskilde incident before Pearl Jam offered the tour’s first “Love Boat Captain,” a song that references the horrific scene.

Eddie stated in a very sad tone, nearly breaking down: “That was a day that changed so many people’s lives. We kind of remember there is our lives before that and then there is our lives after … that day in so many ways colored our humanity, our compassion, our empathy, our sadness and since that time a lot of us have gone on to have children. So now, even more than then, we understand the depth of loss and we’ll always be so sorry for the tragic events that took place and we just want to say how grateful to some of the families that we’ve been able to be in contact with and to share our lives with and share their futures and we’ve become friends and we’ve witnessed the grandchildren in their lives and their accepting of us as people has meant as much as anything in our whole lives.”

The way that this was handled by Pearl Jam was truly professional and they should take pride in how they were able to handle such awful events.

Eddie Vedder would close his statements by saying: “Thank you for still being here. I just once again want to send all our love, appreciation and gratitude and solemn to all those families.”

See the speech below.

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