David Lee Roth Reportedly Attacks AC/DC


During a new feature with legacy entertainment outlet Rolling Stone, one superfan revealed, documented, and touched on his relationship with late guitar rock icon for the group, Eddie Van Halen. Here, in an email to the fan, Eddie Van Halen stated that the reason it took so long for the classic and iconic Van Halen album ‘A Different Kind of Truth’ to come out was allegedly due to David Lee Roth. What’s more, Eddie would lambast Roth for ‘hating’ rock music and stating the Van Halen frontman hates groups like AC/DC and thinks their fans are ‘culturally illiterate’. Could a David Lee Roth reunion happen with this Van Halen bassist?

Eddie Van Halen said in a 2015 email to a fan named Blair, “The reason it took that long for A Different Kind of Truth is Roth, including all the rehashed demos,” he begins. That’s the same reason, he says, the band has “nothing but a live record [2015’s Tokyo Dome Live in Concert] to show for three years downtime.” Roth, he explains, only wants to be on stage doing his “Vaudeville shtick!!” He then says that “Roth is out of his mind” and not at all interested in rock & roll, which makes recording new music a near impossibility. He says Roth only likes “dance music” and “hates bands like AC/DC,” adding that Roth calls that band’s fans “culturally illiterate.”

“Well, I guess that makes me one of them ’cause I love AC/DC and its simplicity,” he continues, saying the band inspired many Van Halen songs he’d written, including “Panama,” “Drop Dead Legs,” and “Good Enough.” But because Roth doesn’t like their music, he says, “I have no outlet. It’s very frustrating. If people only knew the truth, they wouldn’t believe some of the shit that goes on and what we put up with. Probably not much longer though. I’m too old for this shit!! I wish things were different, but they’re not!! All the best man!!”