Eddie Vedder Bringing Mom To Bruce Springsteen Show For Birthday Is Adorable


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder brought his mother Karen to a Bruce Springsteen show on Broadway to celebrate her 75th birthday on Saturday.

Eddie’s wife Jill Vedder wrote on Instagram, “Happy Birthday Gramma Karen! #theoriginalboss #springsteenonbroadway #familyphoto #75 #thankyoupatty.”

View the photo below, and another adorable story about Karen Lee Vedder.

Just two years ago, Vedder did something very special for his mother’s 73rd birthday.

During a Pearl Jam performance in Columbia, South Carolina, Vedder took the time to sit down between songs and talk with the arena crowd. In the video above, he is seen holding up a ‘VEDDER’ license plate that a fan up front had handed to him, joking, “Did you make that in prison?” before handing it back. He then points to a woman, asking her if she knows the score to the Chicago Cubs game, who responds that the the singer’s favorite baseball team is winning 13 – 0 and receives another update correcting the score to 16 – 0.

Asking the crowd if he can sneak in a favor for himself, he explains that the day “is the birthday of a woman that I really, really love — it’s my mom,” which was met with adoring “awww’s” from the crowd as well as an applause and whistling. He continues, “I’ll get her the tape, she’s on west coast time, so she’ll hear it before the day ends and it’ll make me look like not quite such an a–hole of a son.”

Vedder asks the crowd, “Can you sing this one for Karen Vedder?” With a mandolin in his lap, he counts the crowd in and the entire venue belts out “Happy Birthday” in unison. The singer drops out at times, leaving the crowd to do all the work and their collective booming voices resonate loudly throughout the arena.