Paul McCartney Brutally Disrespected By Ringo Starr


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney revealed that Ringo Starr left his famous Amoeba Music gig in Los Angeles early in a new piece on his official social media. Ozzy Osbourne’s wife recently made a brutal claim about Paul McCartney’s age.

“Yeah, sometimes you do things for a combination of PR and fun, and I like to try and do that. You know, I don’t just want to show up and shake a thousand hands. That’s not my idea of fun. But, to just show up with something like this and create a bit of a stir… Which it did. These days you can announce last minute. But for this, we announced a couple of days before. ‘Aye, he’s going to be playing…!’ ‘Woah, he’s going to be performing at…?!’

You know? And the word gets around, and that’s pretty exciting for everyone. Well, not exciting for the people who can’t get in – but that’s the nature of the beast! So yeah, we went in and did it and really enjoyed it, which I think you can hear in the recording. And Ringo was there. I hadn’t seen him in a little while, so it was great to have him come to the show and he enjoyed himself. I think towards the end I sort of mention him …but he’s gone! [Laughs] So, I had to go, “Ringo’s left the building. He left early to avoid the crush!”

McCartney was joined by Ringo Starr and The Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh at his Dodger Stadium show in Los Angeles last week weekend, and he had a bad supergroup name idea on Instagram. He wrote, “Meet the Beagles! #FreshenUpTour @joewalshofficial.” He also posted a photo of himself kissing Ringo Starr, “Reunited with my favorite Starr #FreshenUpTour @ringostarrmusic.” McCartney’s family recently made a cancer revelation after criticism.