Eddie Vedder Covers Metallica “Enter Sandman”


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder covered Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” with Red Limo String Quartet in Amsterdam earlier this week. You can view the full setlist below.

PearlJamOnline have published a new interview with Rani Kumar from Red Limo String Quartet, who are opening for Eddie Vedder on his summer 2019 European tour.

“It started two years ago in Amsterdam. Eddie asked the promotor in Holland to arrange a local string quartet to accompany him on a couple of songs for the 3 shows in AFAS (Amsterdam) We had been working in the Dutch pop-music scene for a while so they came to us. We sent some of our material to Seattle and a few weeks later we were booked.

Of course we were very exited to be playing with Eddie Vedder and we wrote some arrangements of PJ and Eddie songs for ourselves just because we liked them and because that is what we do. After the first rehearsal with Eddie we found time to play our version of Alive for him. He liked it a lot and started filming us and sent the video to the band.

After that he asked for more songs, so we ended up doing a lot more than the two songs we were booked for initially. The day after the first show Eddie walked in to our dressing room and asked us to join him for the rest of the European tour.”

1. Don’t Be Shy-(Stevens)
2. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away-(Lennon, McCartney)
3. Drifting
4. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
5. Brain Damage-(Waters)
6. Trouble-(Stevens)
7. Long Road
8. Wishlist
9. Picture In A Frame-(Brennan/Waits)
10. Good Woman-(Marshall)
11. Far Behind
12. Parting Ways
13. Light Years
14. Soon Forget
15. Can’t Keep with Red Limo
16. Sleeping By Myself with Red Limo
17. Guaranteed with Red Limo
18. Immortality
19. I Won’t Back Down-(Lynne, Petty)
20. Porch
{Ed leaves the stage}
21. Red Limo improv
22. Jeremy performed by Red Limo only no Ed
{Ed returns to stage}
23. Enter Sandman-(Hammett, Hetfield, Ulrich) with Red Limo, Ed electric Uke. No vocals
24. Just Breathe with Red Limo
25. Happy Birthday with Glen & Red Limo
26. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) with Red Limo
27. Song Of Good Hope-(Hansard) with Glen Hansard
28. Falling Slowly-(Hansard, Irglová) with Glen Hansard & Red Limo
29. Society-(Hannan) with Glen Hansard & Red Limo
30. Hard Sun-(Peterson) with Glen Hansard, Red Limo and guests. Red Limo sings but does not play instruments
31. Lukin
32. Rocking In The Free World-(Young) with Glen Hansard & Red Limo {Red Limo does play instruments this time)