Blink-182 Icon ‘Makes Out’ With Young Girlfriend After Divorce


Earlier this year, it was reported that former Blink-182 band member Tom Delonge filed for divorce from his now-then partner, Jennifer after eighteen years of marriage. We can now report that Tom has officially hit the rebound! DeLonge took to social media via Instagram to share a series of pictures of him smooching a younger girlfriend that he has affectionately dubbed ‘his little birdie’. Blink-182 member unloads on ‘pedophile’ accusation.

One photo, showing DeLonge kissing his newest love interest on the cheek had the former Blink-182 member stating: “Coming home to my hot birdie… Even though she’s 4 years younger than me, she’s like 100x wiser. Being with another parent is so important- as one becomes selfless through bringing a child into this world. She has two amazing little boys, that I have been honored to get to know over the past 2 years. I’m super excited for all the kiddos this Christmas! Each year just gets better.”

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker just reacted to a bold reunion claim. Whereas another photo, posing in front of an unknown building with her had him saying the following: “Amazing pic by Peter Mckinnon – I remember dating a little bit when I first separated a couple years ago, and it didn’t feel right…. but then I finally started dating this amazing woman, it quickly became very clear that I finally met a best friend, and soulmate for life. I now kind of feel like Superman, love it. (Pic taken on tour somewhere)”

Fans of DeLonge took to his Instagram to respond to the news about the happy couple. One Instagram user said: “So sweet, especially that feeling when you can finally date again after your heart feels lighter, sending love.”

While another one wrote: “So happy to see that you are in such a good place! Hope 2020 continues to bring you both happiness.” Motley Crue were stunned by tragic Blink-182 news a few months ago.