Eddie Vedder Debuts New Haircut In Photo


Sporting a brand new look is Eddie Vedder. The legendary vocalist and songwriter was seen in a few brand new photos the other day that showed off a new look that is very fitting of the star who just recently celebrated his birthday. Dave Abbruzzese just posted a Pearl Jam song ‘the way it’s supposed to be done.”

In newly seen photos, Eddie Vedder is shown to have very short hair. Of course, this isn’t the shortest that Vedder has had it since he once sported a buzz cut that many just could not get into. However, what Eddie Vedder wants to do with his hair is what he wants to do with his hair.

Recently, before the locks were cut down a bit, Eddie was seen with some longer hair that was a bit above shoulder length. Eddie felt the need for another change up to get the world talking again. Could this signify anything? It’s possible.

Through some research online, it looks like Eddie Vedder likes to change up his hair before an album drop or a tour. This has been a running theme that you can check out yourself as well. This could all be one giant theory that holds no merit at all, but the worst that could happen is that nothing happens at all and Eddie just has a nice haircut.

With Eddie’s birthday recently passing by, many fans have reached out and tagged the star on Twitter to show their allegiance to the vocalist who helped them through tough times. A favorite Tweet thus far is from The Iron Sheik as everyone knows that he has something to say almost every day about just about anyone and anything.

The Iron Sheik and many others took time out of their day to wish Vedder a great birthday. We all would like to hope that his birthday was great as well.