Eddie Vedder Destroys Ukulele At St. Louis Concert


Eddie Vedder destroyed his ukulele at Pearl Jam’s show in St. Louis.

Setlist and recap via the Ten Club board:
01. Of The Girl
02. Footsteps
{Ed talks about the role St. Louis has played in music. He notes young people in the audience and suggests that they learn to play the ukulele. He mentions the one he has is made of rare and expensive wood but a twenty dollar uke will sound pretty much the same. As he strums the instrument he says he is just waiting to hear something out of it. After a moment he says he hates technical problems and smashes the ukulele. His real ukulele is brought out and they play…}
03. Sleeping By Myself
04. Retrograde
05. Last Exit
06. Life Wasted
07. Dissident
08. Who Ever Said/I Can’t Get No Satisfaction-(Jagger, Richards) 15 send tag
(Jeff and Stone together since 1984)
09. I Am Mine
10. Corduroy
{Ed hates to bring it up but Missouri has 3x the national average of overdoses. He tells the audience that there is a group that people can reach out to called Red Project to educate themselves on being aware of signs of potential ODs.}
11. Glorified G
12. Once
13. Even Flow
14. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town (played to back of venue)
{This one was a request. We are thinking about you Debbie}
15. Sad
16. Dance Of The Clairvoyants
17. Go

Encore Break

18. State Of Love And Trust
{While introducing Josh Klinghoffer Ed says Josh reminded him that State and Breath were released thirty years ago today}
19. Breath
20. Black
21. Alive
22. Yellow Ledbetter