Eddie Vedder Hilariously Mocks Russia


At Pearl Jam’s show in Barcelona earlier this week, Eddie Vedder mocked the Russian football team. He later mentioned he’d met a nice man from Russia. Below is an excerpt from Sea and John’s recap and setlist from the PearlJam.com forums:

(Ed addresses the audience in Spanish. He starts with the local accent even. He says something about playing here and says what appears to be not flattering things about the Russian football team and tauntingly says goodbye to Russia, I think)

07. Ghost (most of the band gathers around the front of Matt’s riser to end the song)

08. Nothing As It Seems

(Ed talks about all the nice people from various locations around the world that they have met here. “Sergei from Russia is one of them, oh sorry for insulting you earlier Sergei. We are playing a lot of requests. This is one of them.”)

(Praises Barcelona. Some balls drawn to look like basketballs prompts Ed to say Barcelona has balls. Big orange ones. Which leads to some talk about how awful Trump is and how important it is to vote him and others like him away. He also talks about going to Sagrada Familia and seeing the works of a great man, Gaudi. It has been a long time since I went to church but we found out that just by paying to get in our sins had been forgiven. So Matt and I are feeling a lot better right now)