Joe Perry Reveals Brutal Steven Tyler Attack In Video


Joe Perry recently introduced Steven Tyler, acclaimed Aerosmith frontman as “the man who he has to watch out because he’s afraid he’s gonna inevitably come up and ‘bite him’. This took place during one of Aerosmith’s latest ‘Deuces Are Wild’ Las Vegas residency shows. You can view the clip below. Steven Tyler was recently caught trying to kiss young assistant in this photo.

In other news regarding Aerosmith, Reddit user Dovakin625, real name Tyler Davies penned the following open letter to Aerosmith member Zack Whitford. Steven Tyler’s daughter beach swimsuit photos were just revealed.

The letter writes: “Dear Zack Whitford, my name is Tyler Davies I am reaching out to you because my numerous attempts to contact Steven Tyler myself have been futile and ineffective. I need you to understand I am not your usual Aerosmith fan. Aerosmith is my inspiration, sometimes I even listen to them to get out of bed in the morning. I am seventeen years old and I have grown and lived with Cerebral Palsy my entire life and it is not as easy for me as it is for normal seventeen-year-old kids to get around so traveling is harder than you would expect ha-ha pun intended. My point is that when I found out Aerosmith was coming to Florida let alone so close to my home town, I was beyond ecstatic I cannot even put it into words how much it affected me. It was all I could talk about and I didn’t even have tickets and I was still so excited for everybody that was going to be there to support them and get to experience the dream. I was also heartbroken and envious of every single one of them because it is my dream.”

Steven Tyler revealed what Joe Perry’s mother did for him the other day. The user continued: “Steven Tyler is my idol and I spend all hours listening to all the different versions of Aerosmith’s masterpieces because to me every version even the ones that Aerosmith may not be so proud of I can never get enough. After months of me talking, and sulking with my heart of sorrow Christmas eve my parents let me open one gift to make me feel better and lone behold it was tickets to the show in Plant City March 3rd of this year! I spent the next months preparing for my own personal experience to see Aerosmith. Me! Tyler Davies was going to an Aerosmith concert! I was having my family prepare signs praying, hoping, dreaming that Steven Tyler, Aerosmith would notice their biggest fan out in the crowd. My dreams were crushed shortly after that. I still cannot find an explanation as to why the concert was canceled in plant city. All I want is to be acknowledged as Aerosmith’s biggest fan. Proof that Aerosmith is listening as much as I do. My ultimate goal because I am unable to travel is for the concert in Plant City, to be back on.”