Eddie Vedder Humiliated On Rolling Stone Singers List


It seems a week cannot go by without Eddie Vedder appearing in headlines in some shape, form or fashion. Eddie, Pearl Jam’s main jam is back at it again, but this time he has been humiliated by Rolling Stone’s Singers List, not cracking the top 100. What is the Singer’s List you may ask. Let’s read and find out…

According to Ultimate Guitar, the first controversial list of the year has been revealed. Rolling Stone has chosen the Top 200 singers of all time, with several spots devoted to rock and metal artists.

The list is topped by soul icon the late Aretha Franklin, and also includes vocalists from all music genres. Pop stars to metal and jazz singers. Several metal frontmen were listed with the highest spot reserved for Ozzy Osbourne at No. 112.

Rock and Metal Artists on the Top 200:
12 – John Lennon
14 – Freddie Mercury
26 – Paul McCartney
32 – David Bowie
52 – Mick Jagger
63 – Robert Plant
80 – Chris Cornell
82 – Steve Perry
105 – Eddie Vedder
109 – Roger Daltrey
112 – Ozzy Osbourne
129 – Rob Halford
134 – Axl Rose
165 – Ronnie James Dio
176 – Iggy Pop
181 – Bob Seger
199 – Glenn Danzig

Eddie is number 105!