Eddie Vedder & Jerry Cantrell Kissing Photo Is Adorable


A hilarious kissing photo has surfaced of Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder and Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell. Cantrell was roommates with Vedder at one point, along with Chris Cornell and his then wife Susan Silver, and Pearl Jam manager Kelly Curtis. Cantrell discussed this period on the Mohr Stories podcast.

“[Eddie Vedder] was good.”

“I was kind of a refugee living in Kelly Curtis’ basement, Kelly Curtis and his wife. I actually lived in two basements of their houses. Lived with Susan and Chris for a short period of time too, or hung with them for a couple weeks til I found a place.”

“Both Susan and Kelly, they were really, and the bands for that matter too, Seattle is a big small town. It’s a city, but it’s like a small town man, everybody knows everybody pretty much. All of the bands helped us out quite a bit when we were starting out, and we were able to return the favor as well. Susan and Kelly, Susan had Soundgarden and Kelly had Mother Love Bone, which later turned into Pearl Jam, and they joint managed us. It’s like a family type situation. It wasn’t just work, it wasn’t just about getting dough, we didn’t even sign a contract with those guys, and they wouldn’t even let us sign a contract until we got a [record] deal.”