Watch Eddie Vedder Make Miraculous Recovery After Doctor Visits


Pearl Jam were forced to postpone their second London show last week after Eddie Vedder lost his voice and was advised by doctors to take a break. They returned to the stage on Friday, but they played a slightly shorter set than usual and Eddie seemed to be pushing through the show and still overcoming his vocal issues.

Sunday night in Padova, Italy though, Vedder seemed back to normal, a miraculous recovery that only one of rock’s greatest voices of all time could make so quick.

PJNB posted:

Eddie sounds good so far. Got a good pop holding a note.

The Rock posted:

He fucking nailed that last note!! What a boss!

PJNB posted:

Fucking chills! Sounding great! Held the note as long as ever! Be interesting to see how this goes when more vocally.