Dave Grohl Gives Gift To Fan During Meeting


A Reddit user recently shared a story about encountering Dave Grohl as he tours with Foo Fighters, being shocked at how genuinely nice he was, confirming the positive reputation surrounding him. During their interaction, Dave went above and beyond by offering the user two tickets to an event. Grateful for the opportunity, the user provided their name as instructed and was told to show up at the venue with ID in hand, which seemed straightforward at the time.

Good Guy Dave Grohl

However, complications arose when the user contacted the venue to finalize arrangements for the Thursday show. Surprisingly, the venue had no record of their details, prompting confusion and concern. Adding to the confusion, Dave had mentioned something about picking up the Foo Fighters tour tickets at a place referred to as “Wil-something,” but due to being starstruck and caught up in the moment, the user forgot to seek clarification.

Seeking advice from fellow Redditors, the user asked if anyone knew what “Wil-something” might refer to in this context and how they should proceed. They expressed gratitude for Dave’s generosity despite the mix-up and hoped that everything would work out smoothly, acknowledging that Dave had been exceptionally kind in offering the tickets.

In an update, the user realized that “Wil-something” likely referred to the term “will call,” where tickets are picked up at the venue before the event. They remained hopeful that Dave would remember their arrangement, appreciating his gesture regardless of the logistical challenges encountered.

Hey guys, UK fan here. Believe it or not I bumped into Dave at my workplace and the guy was as nice as everyone says he is. So nice that he offered me two tickets. He took my name and told me to turn up at the place with ID. Great!

Just one problem, called up the venue and they dont seem to have my details (it is for the Thursday show). He also mentioned that if I want to pick up my tickets I have to go a place called Wil-something. Unfortunately since I was so startstruck and the guy was being so kind I didnt clarify with him.

So yeah, does anybody have an idea what I should do? Has anyone come across this Wil-something place?


EDIT: Okay so it seems to be the ‘will call.’ I hope he remembers but even then, the guy was really cool to offer!