Eddie Vedder Makes Bold Claim About Jimmy Kimmel


Adam Carolla discussed meeting Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder backstage at the Oscars on his podcast. He said Vedder compared Jimmy Kimmel to legendary journalist Edward R. Murrow. Alernative Nation transcribed Caroll’a comments.

“At some point we’re walking to Jimmy’s dressing room, and I have no idea what direction because everything’s a mess. I walked by and Eddie Vedder’s dressing room door is open, Eddie Vedder is standing in it, and there’s this guy standing in the doorway.

So there’s still that doorway dude, but the door is open. I just go fuck it, and I stopped and said, ‘Hey man.’ He said hey radio guy, or something. I said, ‘I’m a big fan of yours. My son is a huge fan, he loves Better Man and all of your stuff.’ He says, ‘Cool.’ He goes, ‘Yeah, I was thinking about Jimmy the other day. He’s really speaking his mind.’

I said, ‘Yeah.’ He said, ‘Not in a bad way.’ I said, ‘No.’ He says, ‘He’s like the Edward R. Murrow of our day.’ I said, ‘Yeah, I’ll share that with him.’ So we’re talking for a little while and he’s like, ‘So your son is a fan?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I got him onto the smart music instead of the dumb music.’ The girls have no choice, they just get shoved right into Rihanna and Katy Perry.”

He later said, “I just said he’s into Pearl Jam and smart music, and he’s smart about it. Eddie’s like, ‘If he’s into this, why don’t you give him these guitar picks.’ He gave me the guitar picks and said, ‘Give these to your boy.’ I said, ‘Thanks man.'”