Josh Homme Wife Calls Out ‘Monster’ In Horrible Photo


Queens of the Stone Age singer Josh Homme‘s wife, and acclaimed singer herself, Brody Dalle recently called herself a ‘monster’ in a photo where she wore a mask.

She wrote, “Today I’m a monster. #halloweeneveryday.” Fans called the look ‘terrifying’ but also ‘smoking’ in the comments section.

Josh Homme and Brody Dalle are currently separated, with Brody sharing some emotional last photos. Queens of the Stone Age reissued their albums on vinyl a couple of weeks ago, and fans weighed in on Reddit if they were worth dying. Bananafingers12 posted, “Not quite sure about all of this info. I would hope that these are cut from original master tapes but I have no clue if they are or not. I do know that the vinyl me please pressing sounds amazing so the songs for the deaf vinyl should sound awesome unless there are issues with the pressing plants those were at. The VMP edition came from Pallas which is a great plant. I’m thinking about picking up Rated R and Era Vulgaris tomorrow.”

Dongenaroshat said, “I got my Rated R today. Really good pressing, if a little quiet. But just turn it up a touch! Chris Goss’ production on this album is Sublime.

According to my local record shop the label severely underestimated the interest in SftD, so are pressing up more copies. They’re expected between this Monday and December 6th.”

HanShotFirst187 wrote, “Got mine today. Just put it on the turntable. About to drop the needle. Unfortunately, the Rated R I ordered from Amazon US still hasn’t shipped.” Josh Homme broke his silence on his wife Brody Dalle after separation reports last week.