Eddie Vedder Mourns Terrible Loss: ‘Seattle Dies Another Slow Death’


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder, former Mad Season and Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin, and other Grunge legends mourned the closing of the original Bad Animals Studio/Studio X location at a goodbye party in Seattle on Thursday. The studio is set to be demolished to build new apartments.

Kirsten Ruddy posted a photo of Vedder having an emotional hug at the goodbye party, “The @studioxseattle closing party was tonight and the bromance was on full display ???? #eddievedder #pearljam #seattlemusic #proudofmydad #studiox #newstudioiscoming.”

She also posted, “The studio closes at the end of this month ? but if she comes home sometime this month I’m sure my dad would be happy to show her around. If not now, the new studio for sure! The new studio will still be downtown, but now on capital.”

Former Mad Season and Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin posted, “Goodbye Bad Animals Studios and Studio X, the wrecking ball is tearing you away from us to make way for an 800 unit apartment building for the techies. Seattle dies another slow death. Every great band from Seattle and beyond has recorded within these sacred walls. For me it was, in this order: Screaming Trees, Mad Season, Nancy Wilson, Tuatara, REM, Levee Walkers, and various film soundtracks that utilized my percussion arsenal. Fair thee well ‘O City Of Music, technology hath killed thy soul most unceremoniously!”

Originally owned by Anne and Nancy Wilson of the band Heart, under the name Bad Animals, Studio X has recorded some of the most influential albums in the last 25 years. Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Dave Matthews, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Chance the Rapper are just a few of the iconic artists that have worked at Studio X.