Rap Icon Almost Killed Marilyn Manson: ‘Black SUV’s Surrounded Me, I Feared For My Life’


Marilyn Manson told Consequence of Sound in a new interview that Sean Combs/P. Diddy/Puff Daddy almost killed him while he rode in the JFK assassination car.

And later, when I went on there to perform another time, I was in the Kennedy car, the assassination car, promoting Holy Wood, and apparently I had said something back when I was on for the Year in Rock about how Puff Daddy potentially could have damaged music by sampling Led Zeppelin. Kids might grow up to not think of Led Zeppelin when they hear that song, “Come with Me” or whatever. And after that, Puff wanted to, apparently, kill me.

And you can’t say I wasn’t asking for it in a way, because I’m in the Kennedy assassination car in Times Square, and these 4 SUVs pull up right when MTV is like, “Okay, you’re going on in five minutes.” These SUVs sort of circle us, and Puff Daddy gets out and he’s yelling at me, but I can’t hear what anyone’s saying because I have a headset on, but he’s yelling at me. Fortunately, my bodyguard knew his bodyguard, but it was a bunch of guys that looked like they wanted to kill me at the moment, and I think he genuinely did.

I have since seen him after that, and we’re all good now. It was at that Vote or Die thing, and I’m thinking, “Yeah, that’s weird, because of that time I almost died related to you and a JFK thing.” And then I have to talk to Carson Daly after, and I’m sitting there next to him and I say, “Dude, do not…” — and I said “dude” because he’s the kind of guy that would respond to that word. I said, “Dude, do not mention what fucking happened with Puff Daddy.” I was like, “If you do that, I will beat your ass.” I was truly scared for my life for once, because I was vulnerable — I couldn’t hear what was going on, I’m in the Kennedy assassination car, I’m surrounded by black SUVs, and a bunch of guys are yelling at me, one of them being Puff Daddy. I think he was just really upset at the time.