Eddie Vedder New Solo Album Tracklisting Revealed


Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder released his new solo single yesterday for Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 5. Vedder also has five other songs he recorded for the Return to Mount Kennedy film soundtrack.

Polluted Horizon
Groaning Ship

PearlJamOnline.it broke news of the tracklisting of songs. Eddie Vedder fans are hoping to see Pearl Jam tour Europe in 2021, but some fans on the Ten Club board are nervous.

Gravey1975 posted, “I’d be very surprised if they don’t announce they are playing Hyde Park in 2021 in the coming weeks. There’s a slot in the schedule that is precisely when it takes place so it seems very likely. If memory serves, the HP line up was revealed in November last year, so should in theory be in the next 6-8 weeks. Of course, even though it will be announced there is no guarantee that the tour will happen at all.”

drfox responded, “Why is everyone so negative. I’m worried the tour is not going to happen but we need to hope. Part of me thinks we can’t continue going on like we did this year. Everyone is fed up and I just can’t see another year of this situation. All the pointers are now to the vaccine being available early 21. Just hoping the band holds off their decision on whether to go ahead until Easter/May time.”

RatherStarved said, “Everything with this pandemic has been worse than predicted. That’s why everyone is so negative. That being said it is 9 months until the scheduled Amsterdam show and for perspective 9 months ago nobody had heard of Covid. A lot can change. If the vaccines now being tested come through there is reason for cautious optimism for next summer’s tour.”